Episode Information
Episode №: 1
Airdate: April 20, 2008
Next Episode: Episode 2

Episode 1 is the first recorded episode of The Milk and Quackers Show, which the episode was released on April 20, 2008.


Quackers introduces himself and Milk. Then, they have the first guest come into the show which is a cow named Dairy Queen. Dairy Queen tells Quackers that she likes milk too but Quackers tells her that he doesn't necessarily like milk and that it just goes with the title. Dairy Queen tells Quackers that she came from Dr. Frog and says that her issue is that she was born without an udder and she thinks that it means that she's mutated. Quackers tells her that she is in fact mutated and that stuffed animals are supposed to have realistc parts. Dairy Queen tells him that she still has another feeling that she wants to talk about and Quackers tells her that he's not here to talk and tells her to leave. Dairy Queen then leaves crying. The next person who comes up is a pig named Oinker. Oinker says that he's always been bullied for being fat. He asks why he likes mud and Quackers tells him that it's because he's a pig. Oinkers starts denying this and then Quackers forces him off the show and he cries. A kangaroo named Jason bounces up onto the show and tries to start talking but then he starts hypovenalating and then he passes out and he gets carried away to the emergency hospital. A penguin named Penguie comes up onto the show and he asks him why he likes milk so much. Quackers tells him that he doesn't actually like milk because he's lactose intolerant and that Milk just works alongside him on the show. Penguie starts drinking the milk and Quackers starts yelling at him to stop drinking Milk. Penguie gets milk on his nose and then he spills it and starts crying over it.


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  • This is not actually the first episode. This is just the earliest recorded episode of this show.
  • In this episode, they referenced to an episode of Dr. Frog.

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